How to play casino games on your mobile phone?

How do I play casino games on my mobile phone?

There are a few online casinos offering mobile phone options. At we have selected for you the top mobile casinos available in the market. All you have to do is to visit the mobile casino of you choice. You will be redirected to a mobile casino game information page where you will have to entered the following details: 1- your country. 2- your mobile phone (iPhone, iPad, Android, Smartphone, etc...) number. 3- the mobile casino game you wish to play (most mobile casinos offer Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and a choice of slots and video poker). Once the registration process completed, you will then choose a user ID and a password. Upon registration, you shall be designated a casino account number and you will be asked to choose a confidential PIN. You will then receive your games on your mobile phone ready to download and to use.

See a demo video that clearly illustrates the step-by-step process of how to download and register an account in a mobile casino, and gives a clear description of the casino’s banking options. This demo is for the popular All Slots Mobile Casino, however the process is exacly the same for all mobile casinos.

From where can I play casino games on my mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, Smartphone, ...?

Assuming that your mobile network provides a wireless connection in your current location, you can play from virtually anywhere. Consider all options available to you anywhere in the world. You can play casino games on your mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, Smartphone, etc... in the waiting room of an airport, in a sports bar, an hotel, even in a taxi, while you are shopping or from your favorite coffee bar while chatting with your friends.

What about security?

Do not worry. These companies use the technology 128-bits to encode your transactions. It is the same technology that enhances security of online shopping sites.

And privacy? You can play your games from anywhere, provided you can get a connection to transfer data wirelessly. Enjoy peace of mind wherever you are!

How much does it costs?

Mobile casino game softwares are FREE, it will not cost you a penny to download!

Can I play casino games for real money on my mobile phone? 

Yes, you can. You simply need to send your mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, Smartphone, etc... number to the mobile casino of you choice so they send you instructions to download the free casino. After that, you must register and open an account to be able to play from your mobile phone. Wherever you are, you can play from your phone for real money at all times of day or night ..

Play Roulette from a mobile casino

Roulette is always associated with the grandeur of casinos. Now you can play Roulette on your mobile phone with ease. All options you have with a traditional Roulette can be found on your mobile phone casino. You can bet 35 to 1 on one number only, or increase your odds by betting on even or odd, red or black. Each bet that you can try in a casino in Las Vegas can now be done on your mobile phone.

All mobile casino games, all the time 

Many mobile phones are equipped with a game option, so you can download new ones from the internet. For example The Snake, Bowling and Beach Rally are basic games on Nokia phones. Many people play these games to kill time while queuing or waiting for their appointments. But all these games are not as interesting, and everything you can expect playing is to put your scores in the table "Scores" and then? Now you can register on internet games via a mobile casino and access to free downloads of your favorite casino games. Instead of simulating a game of Bowling (how boring), you could play 21 Blackjack on your mobile phone, or the famous slot Major Millions, Jacks or better and more. But the most extraordinary in all this is that you do not just play for your entertainment (although you will find these games very fun), you also play for real money! Once you've played a few casino games on your mobile phone, you'll never want to use the "Snake" of your life again. You can be sure.

Small slot machines, huge Jackpots

Among casino games available in a mobile casino, you can find the most popular slot machines that can be downloaded directly to your mobile phone. While the machines are as big as the size of your screen, the jackpots are huge, all mobile casinos contain progressive slots with progressive jackpots. This means that all those who play these machines anywhere in the world are increasing the jackpot, which can reach hundreds of thousands. Imagine winning all this money from your mobile phone while queueing somewhere.

Same small mobile phone, even more games!

Tired of classic games like slots, roulette or blackjack? You can then play scratch cards or Keno on your mobile phone. While some may be in line to buy a lottery ticket, your ticket for a chance of winning a fortune is always in your pocket. 

Reinventing the gaming industry

It is not so long ago when the entire gaming industry has gone through deep changes with the arrival of online casinos. Now people can play anywhere, any time, provided they have a computer connected to the Internet. While this has enabled millions of people to play casino games, they were forced to be at their computers with a good internet connection. Today, even these barriers are gone. All you need is a good reception on your mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, Smartphone, etc... and you can play blackjack, roulette, video poker ... There is no limit to play mobile casino games. Play what you want, wherever you want and when you want is absolute freedom.

Stay connected, mobile casino games are about to be launched

What is even more exciting is that mobile casinos are constantly adding new games and updating old ones. When you connect to any mobile casino and select options, you will see a list of new games appearing on the screen. All you have to do is click on the game you want and it will automatically download on your mobile phone.


Here is the list of brands with compatible games on your mobile phone. Over 600 mobile phones are compatible: Apple, Siemens, Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson , Acer, Alcatel, Asus, ATT, Casio , Hitachi , HTC, Motorola, PoketPC, Kyocera, Philips, Sagem, Sharp, T-mobile, Samsung, Nec , Sony Ericsson..

 If you wish to play casino games on your mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, Smartphone, etc... for free or for real money, see our selection of top mobile casinos. These are the best of the industry, offering top quality games, security, an excellent customer service and of course, payout winnings without any delay.

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